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Presented by Exercise for All*

Find out why people with a disability, like everybody else, need fitness and exercise to improve their well-being.


Leonard Cheshire Disability Workshop on Fitness and Wellbeing, at Swansea YMCA, 1 The Kingsway, SA1 5JQ


Friday, May 17, 2019, 1.30pm -5.30pm

We all face choices every day that could affect our physical and mental wellbeing – for example, an able-bodied person might wonder: “Should I really have that second slice of chocolate cake? Do I really need to take the bike for a ride or go for that fitness class at the leisure centre this evening? I am so tired right now, where will I find the energy for my big presentation at work tomorrow?”

Tough questions like these become even tougher when you have a physical disability that severely restricts your options, especially if you depend on other others to help you achieve even the smallest thing. Physically disabled people need to think and work even harder to make the right choices to get what they need for their fitness. Through our presentation, video and testimonials, we hope to show you that people with a disability will benefit from exercise too, that this can be achieved with the right support, and that exercise can not only reduce pain but also empower physically disabled people to achieve better physical fitness and mental well-being.

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