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Groundhog Day!

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Tuesday 14 April

Must admit that this morning I felt like it was Groundhog Day and my mood was quite “meh”. The same old routine – downstairs around 9.30 (there’s nowhere for us to be early any more) to find the kids already breakfasted and on their electronics, happy as Larry (who’s Larry, cos I want some of what he's having!?). Nothing really new in the News except that Public Health England wants to hog all the PPE and have told manufacturers not to sell to devolved nations. That seems pretty unfair -let’s see how long that lasts.

Yesterday’s news was a lot more exciting and positive, thankfully! A Welsh doctor, Dr Rhys Thomas, invented an emergency breathing aid that helps patients to get more oxygen into their lungs and can be used ahead of sedating and intubating for a full-blown ventilator. This is a great innovation and will hopefully help hundreds of people in Wales and further afield.

“The implement, called a Covid Emergency Ventilator, has been given the go-ahead by the Welsh Government and it is hoped that a hundred of them can be manufactured in just one day, something that could potentially save a huge number of lives.” Find out more:…/welsh-doctor-uses-military-…

Reading bad news from the pandemic still made me feel meh – until we all decided to ignore the pandemic for a while and SAFELY go out into the spectacular spring sunshine for a bit. We are lucky to have plenty of green space around the house, so the kids investigated a site to build a den and practised gymnastics in the garden before sunbathing on a mat for half an hour. Tegid and I set up camp on the drive and relaxed in solitude (with each other). The rays felt so warm, and the sky was so blue, it was hard to keep feeling miserable. The sound of the bees and the birdsong instilled beauty and gratitude. Groundhog Day perhaps but little things to be thankful for nonetheless. We all face Groundhog Day right now, as long as confinement lasts. Hope you've found your own way to cope!

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