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The Robot in my Living Room

Since I lost the strength, coordination and confidence to walk due to MS, my poor legs have suffered a lot of immobility. Without regular movement, many problems developed – poor circulation led to blood pooling in my feet and numbness/swelling in my legs. Painful muscle and hip spasms contributed even more to my pain due to sitting passively for prolonged periods. Short of having my legs constantly waggled passively by a kind helper (though this sometimes does happen, it’s not a realistic way to live!), there wasn’t much I could do myself to make things better, which made me so sad. Knowing that the circulation and muscle strength in my legs was just wasting away felt horrible.

Sitting on my Motomed bike
About to get my sweat on! So many settings to choose from...

This was the way it went…until I got hold of a Motomed active-Passive bike designed and manufactured by German company Medimotion ( This fantastic machine sits in our living room and has become an integral part of our daily life. Thanks to its calibrated motors, once I’m strapped in, it allows me to loosen and use my leg muscles as often as I need to every day.

Daily sessions where I use Motomed to fight against stiffness, bad circulation and muscle wastage have become indispensable. In subsequent blogs, I will update you on my progress on my fitness journey!

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